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Power Supply

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Plug III

The USB port on your bike. Now weighing only 46g, it simply replaces the headset cap. The new electronics is compatible with the iPhone and many other mobile devices without any special cable. The Plug III converts AC power from the dynamo from about 11 km / h in environmentally friendly power.

159.00 € *
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Smart Power Pack II

The 2nd Generation Smart Power Pack is the perfect addition for mobile cycling globetrotters and travelers. It is equally suitable for recharging your tablet computer, mobile phones or GPS devices. Plenty new features make it the perfect multi-purpose device for outdoor activities.

99.00 € *
In stock

The Plug III / Smart Power Pack II Set

The power supply solution for cycling and travelling. The Plug III and the Smart Power Pack II gives you maximum flexibility and independence when traveling.

239.00 € *
In stock
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